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Event Management

Events lift a brand off the page, placing it directly in front of its target audiences and creating a desire for them to engage.

We've managed events for the media, for members of the public, for key business stakeholders, and for celebrities - and a combination of the four. It can be anything from product launches to experiential outreach activity. All we need to know is your target audience, and what you hope to achieve from your event - then our expert team will do the rest.

Our event planning process calls on a number of our skills and tools, including an established little black book of trusted venues and suppliers, and negotiation to secure the best rates. We take time to find out where the right people are, how our events can coax them out of a busy crowd, and which location best suits your brand and event.

From the initial planning stage, to providing on-the-ground support on the day itself, to post-event reporting, we consider each stage of the process to deliver maximum results.

And because we know that events often call for - and deliver -  a vast range of benefits for a brand, we monitor metrics including media coverage, lead generation and conversions, and data capture to fuel CRM, web traffic, footfall, brand mentions and sentiment, and social response, to demonstrate the full return on your investment.

For more information on how events could support your PR strategy, read our blog or get in touch to see how we can help you.



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