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Digital PR

PR now moves at the speed of the internet, and what worked yesterday won’t necessarily work today. A brand’s PR strategy can no longer just follow the media agenda, it needs to lead it - we need to be spearheading conversation and change.

With print media in decline, a brand’s current and potential online audience is bigger than it’s ever been before. And PR is about much more now than just getting a piece of coverage in a newspaper. It’s about engaging with, and getting the right message in front of that audience, in a way that is going to make them act.

We practice a new type of PR. PR that is properly and genuinely holistic. We won’t just get you coverage. We’ll get you coverage, in strategically targeted media, with links, to user friendly and engaging onsite content that will improve your natural search ranking positioning and increase website traffic, that people are going to talk about, online, offline, and socially.

We have 12 years’ of search history figuratively behind us in Epiphany, (and literally behind us, the SEO team sits next to the PR team in the office) and we know what Google wants in terms of compliant content, coverage and links.

We also don’t just fixate on one metric either, such as - does it have a followed link or not? Both search and PR have evolved, digital PR is gestalt, and bigger than the sum of its parts. Coverage is valuable, links are valuable, no-follow links are valuable - it’s all valuable for different, complementary reasons. And we’ll absolutely ensure that we offer strategic guidance right from the beginning of working with you.    

Digital PR needs to meet multiple objectives, across multiple channels. And we constantly evaluate the media, and work with you to constantly re-evaluate your brand strategy, so your PR will do just that.

And all the while, still getting you that more traditional, offline coverage too.



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